Quick Start Guide


Register for a Dynster.net account here. Once you have successfully completed¬†the registration process, we will send you a confirmation link by email. If you don’t see the e-mail in your inbox, be sure to check your spam or junk mail filter. All e-mail correspondence will be sent from the support@dynster.net address. You MUST click the link to complete the confirmation process before your account is active and ready for use. Please be aware that accounts not confirmed within 48 hours of creation are automatically removed and must be recreated.

Setting up a host

Login to your account. Click Services on the top right. Click Add New Host. Type in your desired hostname. Click “Your current location’s IP address is” to use your current IP as your initial IP. Click the Add button to save your new hostmame.

Please note that resolution of new hostnames may take upto 35 minutes to initally propagate all our DNS clusters for the first time. However, any subsequent updates will not experience propagation delays.

Updating your hostname when your IP changes.

GNU based operating systems such as CentOs or Ubuntu may use a command such as:

wget --http-user="<YOUR_USERNAME>" --http-passwd="<YOUR_PASSWORD>" --post-data "DOMAIN=<YOUR_HOSTNAME>" http://update.dynster.net

We have developed this code for your convenience.

Microsoft Windows users may download wget binaries.

If you use pfSense, we suggest  installing cron using the package manager then scheduling a new job to use a command such as:

fetch -o /dev/null http://<YOUR_USERNAME>:<YOUR_PASSWORD>@update.dynster.net/index.php\?\DOMAIN=<YOUR_HOSTNAME>

In the near future, we hope to have our services integrated directly into the pfSense Dynamic DNS service. The above suggested method is a workaround until that has been completed. Be aware that the above code should work with standard FreeBSD and FreeBSD-like operating systems. However, it has NOT been tested.

If you choose you can run these commands using cron or as a Microsoft Windows scheduled task. We recommend four times per hour.

Additional Hostnames and Services

Dynster.net is a growing DNS services company built on both the principals and the backbone of VoIPster Communications A Louisville, Kentucky based IP communications company.

Every registered user is given one free hostname. If you need more hostnames we can help you. Send us an email to support@dynster.net including your username, postal address, telephone number and desired number of hostnames. They are invoiced monthly at a rate of $3.00 per hostname.

Since our DNS network is global, we can offer any support you may need. Drop us a line, our team of certified network and DNS specialists will find our products that are just right for your needs no matter how complicated they might be. If we don’t have the solution, we’ll build it custom for you!